The “ Cargo Vision Limited” has its own fleet of covered Van, trucks, and trailers in order to carry valuable export and import goods throughout the country with safety and security. we can route your freight through many different carriers including by using our own fleet of covered trucks & trailers and sometimes used by rail. We can pick your export shipments up from the factory premises and drop the same at the port CFS ort airport warehouse by using our own fleet of covered trucks & trailers with care. A daily pick up service can be provided if needed to handle your shipment from enveloping size to truckload size shipment.


Sl. No Company Name Products Details
01. R.B Group (WALTON) Machinery,TV, Fridge, Chemical, Sheet ,PVC Resin ,Home Appliance
02. Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. Chemical, Color ,Paints, Soda, Plastic ,PVC ,Resin
03. YOUNG ONE GROUP Ready Made Export Garments
04. HAMID Group Ready Made Export Garments
05. SQ Group Ready Made Export Garments
06. MEEK SWATER LTD. Ready Made Export Garments
07. LG-Butterfly Group Machinery,TV, Fridge, Chemical, Sheet ,PVC Resin ,Home Appliance
08. Singer Bangladesh Ltd. TV, Fridge, ,Tire,Tube Bulb
09. Ring Shine Textiles Ltd Raw Cotton, Yearn ,Chemical
10. Haesong corporation ltd. Ready Made Export Garments
11. Hypoid Composite Knit Ltd Ready Made Export Knit Garments.
12. JFK Fashion Ltd. Ready Made Export Garments
13. ISRAQ SPINNING LTD Raw Cotton, Yearn ,Chemical
14. Radisson Apparels Ltd Ready Made Export Knit ,Woven.
15. S.M GROUP Raw Cotton, Yearn ,Chemical
16. NASIR GROUP Chemical, Soda, Plastic, PVC ,Resin.
17. IBRAHIM Textile Mills Ltd. Raw Cotton, Yearn ,Chemical
18. J.K Group Chemical, Soda , Salt,Yearn
19. ROSHAWA Group Raw Cotton ,Yearn, Fiver, T-Shirt
20. Oriental Industrial CO . Ltd. 100% Export Sweaters T-Shirt.
21. R.I Enterprise Raw Cotton , Staple fiver


  1. DM-TA-11-8746
  2. DM-TA-11-5235
  3. DM-TA-11-5236
  4. DM-TA-11-5237
  5. DM-TA-11-5238
  6. DM-TA-11-5239
  7. CM-TA-11-4872
  8. CM-TA-11-4869
  9. CM-TA-11-4870
  10. CM-TA-11-4892
  11. CM-TA-11-0662
  12. CM-TA-11-0663
  13. DM-TA-13-0734
  14. DM-TA-13-0735
  15. CM-TA-11-5557
  16. CM-TA-11-5577
  17. CM-TA-11-5267
  18. CM-TA-11-5268
  19. DM-TA-11-4390
  20. DM-TA-14-0297
  21. DM-TA-11-5459
  22. DM-TA-11-5272
  23. KM-TA-11-0603
  24. KM-TA-110605
  25. CM-TA-11-0669
  26. FZ-TA- 11-8746
  27. CM-TA-11-5239
  28. DM-U-11-0655
  29. DM-TA-11-5360
  30. DM-TA-11-6987


  1. DM-DA-81-0230
  2. DM-DA-81-0256
  3. DM-DA-81-0272
  4. DM-DA-81-0273
  5. DM-DA-81-0275
  6. DM-TA-81-0789
  7. DM-TA-20-1501
  8. DM-TA-20-1502
  9. CM-TA-11-2699
  10. CM-TA-16-2701
  11. DM-DA-81-0202
  12. DM-DA-81-0203
  13. CM-SA-11-0949
  14. CM-DA-81-0546
  15. CM-DA-81-1074
  16. CM-TA-11-3858
  17. DM-DA-81-0542


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